Welcome to Liberty Connect

A place where you will feel at home, with like-minded individuals all within the music community.



This is a hub, which will provide you with deeper knowledge, unique insights, tutorials, downloadable guides, webinars and access to industry experts and valuable consultancy sessions.

We want to create a community of shared knowledge, a place where we can all support and empower each other too.


We will be hosting monthly themed sessions on social media, music production, how to PR yourself, how to approach playlist pitching, how to use TikTok, how to collaborate with brands, wellbeing and mental health.

What’s Included

Monthly community meet up on Google Meet

Access to an exclusive monthly Canva template design

Digital health check PDF updated every month

Monthly guest expert masterclass

Opportunities to submit your music for consideration on our channels

Invitation to join our Discord community

Exclusive monthly newsletter

Showcase your profile in our 40k newsletter + 30k instagram

15 min one-on-one call every 3 months with an A&R

All for just £19 a month.

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Telephone +44 7813 783606